Steven J. Ostro Memorial Symposium

Dear Colleagues,

This is an invitation for you to attend a one-day JPL Symposium to honor the memory of Steve Ostro. The Symposium will be held at JPL's Von Karman Auditorium on Thursday June 4, 2009 (8:30 - 5:00).

The ten invited oral presentations are listed below. Attendees are invited to bring poster presentations (30 x 40 inches), which will be displayed in Von Karman Auditorium all day. If there is sufficient interest, additional room for posters will be provided in a facility adjacent to the Auditorium.

There is no registration fee.

To facilitate access to JPL (through JPL security) and to make plans for the poster presentations, potential attendees are asked to contact either Don Yeomans ( or Lance Benner (; 818-354-7412) by May 15 with the following information:



email address

U.S. citizen?

Will you bring a poster presentation?

If so, what is the title of your poster presentation?

We welcome posters from fields closely related to or inspired by Steve's work but we would also like to invite colleagues to bring posters on other scientific topics. We also welcome attendees to include pictures of Steve on the posters.

With kind regards,

Don Yeomans and Lance Benner, Co-Chairs

Maps to facilitate arrival at JPL are given at: Once you arrive at JPL, tell the guard outside the JPL entrance that you are attending the Ostro Memorial Symposium and they will direct you to the visitor parking lot. Then go to visitor control where you pick up your one-day badge for entrance to JPL. These badges will be made up ahead of time with the information you provide by May 15.

Hotels near JPL can be found here:


Charles Elachi

Gordon Pettengill

Steve Wall

John Harmon

Mike Nolan

Jean-Luc Margot

Lance Benner

Jon Giorgini

Clark Chapman

Erik Asphaug

Dan Scheeres




NAIC/Arecibo Observatory

NAIC/Arecibo Observatory





UC-Santa Cruz

University of Colorado

Introductory Remarks

Reaching out to the Giant Planets by Radar

The Cassini-Titan Radar Mapper

Radar Imaging of Mars: Why Bother?

The Extreme Diversity of Near-Earth Asteroid Physical Properties

Binary Asteroids in the Near-Earth Population

Shape Reconstruction of Asteroids

Radar Benefits for Long-Term Orbit Prediction

2008 TC3: Short-Term Warnings Dominate NEA Hazard Mitigation

Impact Evolution of Asteroids

Mechanics of Motion on and About Asteroids

The photo of Steve Ostro above was taken by Jon Giorgini at Goldstone in January 2008, shortly before radar observations of 2007 TU24, which approached within 1.4 lunar distances on January 29.

Dr. Lance A. M. Benner
MS 300-233
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91109-8099
Phone: 818-354-7412