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Shape by Hudson, colors by Asphaug



  • MIT Planetary Spectroscopy Group
  • Standard Asteroid Photometric Catalogue
  • (Brian Warner)
  • Ondrejov NEO Photometric Program (Petr Pravec)
  • Asteroids and Comets Lightcurves (Raoul Behrend, Observatory of Geneva)
  • IOTA Asteroid Occultations
  • Spaceguard Canada (Dave Balam)
  • Sormano Astronomical Observatory
  • Small Bodies Node of NASA Planetary Data System
  • NASA PDS Periodic Comet List
  • NASA Planetary Data System: Asteroid/Dust Archive
  • Tumbling Stone
  • Impacts into Asteroids (Erik Asphaug)
  • Bill Bottke's Asteroid Research Home Page
  • Planetary Science Institute (PSI)
  • Cometography (Gary Kronk)
  • International Comet Quarterly (Daniel Green)
  • International Meteor Organization (IMO)
  • American Meteor Society
  • North American Meteor Network
  • NASA Meteoroid Environment Office
  • Serra Designs (museum-quality asteroid scale models)
  • Quantum Leap Associates (3-D color asteroid models)
  • Best of the Web: Asteroids
  • Impact (James A. Marusek)
  • Dawn Mission
  • Deep Impact
  • Deep Space 1 Mission
  • Hayabusa Mission
  • Stardust Mission
  • Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission (NEAR)
  • Rosetta Mission"> Rosetta Steins flyby
  • Near-Earth Asteroid Prospector Mission (NEAP): SpaceDev Corporation
  • NASA Insiders Propose Stepping Stone Path to Deep Space